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Hi there, welcome!

​What brings you in search of a dance class today?

  • Are you in a bit of a funk or looking for something fun to do?

  • Do you need more exercise but dread the gym?

  • Have you been feeling lonely or crave some social interaction?

If you've answered yes to any of these, you're like most people and it's completely normal.

You've come to the right place!

When you take a dance class it’s impossible to feel stressed or bored while you’re learning and having fun.

Dancing Salsa

When you invest in yourself by learning how to dance, your quality of life improves.

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Your confidence grows
You look better
You are less stressed
You surround yourself with other happy and positive people

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"A note of thanks. I had such fun last night. I pretty much danced all night. I think I did pretty good. That confidence was built in your classes. Thx for being you."

—Ross, Salsa/Bachata student

Take a look at these frequently asked questions. If we haven’t answered your question here, feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Do I need a partner to take Salsa?

Partners are always welcome but it is not necessary to join with a partner. Our classes have couples who prefer not to rotate on one side of the room and singles, without a partner, on the other side of the room. Singles will rotate every few minutes. This is a great way to meet new people.

NOTE: Due to COVID, we currently are not rotating individuals. If you register without a partner, we aim to keep the lead/follow ratio even by matching you up with another single attendee. We do our best to provide volunteers to dance with you should you have no partner, but it is not guaranteed.

I have no experience, what class should I take?

For Salsa, we recommend starting with the Salsa/Bachata Kickstarter program. For Pole, you can start either with the 1st Time Try-0ut Workshop or, the Intro to Pole 8-week class Private lessons are also an option.

What do I wear to class?

Salsa: You can wear just about anything you want! It’s always best to dress in something you feel comfortable moving in. Lightweight clothing is good to wear as salsa dancing can be quite a workout. Most students come to class dressed casually e.g. jeans, t-shirts, etc. If you are coming directly from work, your business attire is fine too.

Pole: Most students wear yoga-like attire. Wearing (or bringing) shorts is recommended so you can use your legs to grip the pole when necessary. You can dress in layers to feel comfortable as you start to warm up. Just be sure to be lotion-free!

What do I wear on my feet?

Salsa: You do not need to purchase special dance shoes for your first set of lessons. We recommend shoes that have a smooth sole and is secure to your foot (flip flops and sling backs are not recommended.) Sticky rubber soles can stick to the floor and can make it difficult to turn or spin. Wearing socks in the beginning is fine too. (NOTE: Please bring an indoor pair of shoes, rather than wearing them to class to keep the dance floor free of debris and water.)

Pole: Classes are done in bare feet.

Can you teach or perform at my special event/corporate function?

Of course! We love special events and can cater a workshop or performance specifically for your event. Please email us at for further details.

What are the costs of classes?

Visit our Classes page and prices are listed under each class description. Click the Private Lessons, Wedding Packages or Bachelorette Parties tab to view pricing options.

Can I pay and register on the first day of class?

Salsa: Unfortunately this is not an option. Our classes sell out sometimes. Also, we need to ensure our numbers of leads and follows are even. To secure a spot, we recommend paying two to four weeks before the start date. This will avoid disappointment and will ensure we have time to even out the numbers in the class.

Pole: Unfortunately this is not an option. Our classes often sell out, especially workshops and intro class as we reserve one pole per person. To secure a spot and avoid disappointment, we recommend paying two to four weeks before the start date.

Can I pay as I go (drop-in)?

We understand your schedule may prevent you from taking a continuing series of classes. Drop-in’s are possible in some circumstances, but we do not recommend it as the fee is higher and if you drop-in mid-way through a series you may end up feeling overwhelmed. However, if it is necessary for you, please email us at and we will help accommodate you as best we can.

What if I have to miss a class due to work, vacation or illness?

If you know you will miss a class, you can either register as a drop-in and pay only for the classes you will be able to attend or you may schedule a 30-minute private lesson. There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.

I have two-left feet…what if I can’t keep up?

Most students find our class pace just right. However, everyone learns at a different pace. If you find the class difficult, there are instructors and volunteers to assist you during the class. We also recommend practicing at home after your class. Private lessons are another great option. Please see our Private Lessons tab for more details.

Can I buy a pole through you?

Absolutely! We place an order the last Sunday of every month. If you order through us, you’ll receive a $5.00 credit towards an upcoming pole or Salsa class.

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"So yesterday was amazing! That is precisely what I was looking for in Bachata lessons!"

Bachata Student

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