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Welcome to the fun and easy way of learning pole

For absolute beginners to advanced

Making exercise fun!

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Fun exercise

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Boost confidence

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Build strength

Most people struggle to stick to an exercise regime


Exercising is boring

You dread the thought of having to work out

You hate going to the gym

You’d rather spend your time enjoying Netflix n’ chill

You’re busy as heck

Pole Dancing

But when you don't exercise regularly, you diminish your quality of life

We understand your struggles

And it's not your fault, because life gets in the way sometimes. And exercise shouldn't feel like a chore, it should be fun!

When you take pole classes, you are preoccupied with learning, socializing and having fun. You won’t realize the workout you got until you FEEL it the next day.

"I've been taking classes at Trena's for years. I'll be honest, I shopped around. But this studio has smaller classes with more individual attention. I've been allowed to practice and learn at my own pace. Each instructor is patient, understanding and a lot of fun. Those first class nerves will pass faster than you expect. Highly recommend!"

—Amelia, Pole Student

Pole Classes:

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Tone and reshape your entire body

Builds strength

Improves your confidence

Increases sex appeal

Makes you want to do it again and again

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In Fact

A lot of our students say pole classes are “addictive” in a healthy way. What better way to get in the best shape of your life than to actually crave your exercise regime?

“Your class is teaching me more about myself than anything I have experienced. I am on a journey for sure… I know I am where I need to be.”

Tammy, Pole Student

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Sign up

Choose your class
and easily sign up online or email for more info.

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Come to class

Wear your favorite work out wear, be lotion free and come on in. We will take care of you from here. Let the fun begin!

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Brag to all your friends that you're a poler!

The Plan:

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