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Private Lessons

One-on-one dance instruction

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Personalized lessons

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Learn to dance quicker

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Set your own pace

Looking to Boost your Confidence?

Thinking about learning to dance but just don't have the confidence to do it in a large group? Are you a beginner wanting to learn the ropes before launching into group classes?

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Step-up your dancing!

Each private lesson is personalized to your wants and needs, allowing you to learn and improve in a fun, comfortable way!​

It's the perfect opportunity for beginners to get started, more experienced dancers to improve their skills, and couples to get closer to each other.

Need a New Date Night Routine?

Private dance lessons for you and your partner are a romantic way to reconnect and have fun! We can also help you to plan and perfect your wedding first dance.

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“Jeremy and I had the best time tonight. You are so good at what you do! We would like to go ahead and commit to the full 5 sessions. Thank you!”




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